'The Bachelor King 3D with David Attenborough' to air on Sky 3D on New Years Eve

By 14th December 2011Featured, News

Sky and Atlantic Productions are delighted to announce the 3D TV world premiere of David Attenborough’s ground breaking documentary film The Bachelor King 3D, buy which airs on Sky 3D on Saturday, 31st December 2011 at 8pm.

New and exclusive to Sky, the film was shot in stunning 3D on the sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia over a period of five months and follows the extraordinary lives of King Penguins, to imagine what one penguin’s life could be.  The Bachelor King 3D is written and presented by multi-award winning natural history broadcaster David Attenborough.

The Bachelor King 3D is the second natural history film commissioned by Sky to air on Sky 3D, which made history in 2010 when it became Europe’s first dedicated 3D TV channel. The BAFTA award-winning Flying Monsters 3D was the first collaboration between Sky, Attenborough and Atlantic Productions, and The Bachelor King 3D will be followed in 2012 by Kingdom of Plants 3D, a look at the life of plants, set in Kew Gardens.

The film has been produced by award winning producer Anthony Geffen, CEO of Atlantic Productions. Geffen explained “While making Flying Monsters 3D David and I became really excited about the power of 3D.  We started talking about other projects that might work brilliantly in 3D – and David thought of filming in South Georgia.  This spectacular but little known sub-Antarctic island is home to an amazing collection of wildlife including millions of penguins. 3D allows you to literally step inside the King Penguin’s world.”

David Attenborough added: “I knew it would be mind-blowing, there are a number of extremely dramatic animals in South Georgia that would look particularly astounding in 3D. The difficulties are huge but the rewards are huge too.  With 3D you can convey the reality of what’s in front of the camera in a much more powerful way than ever before. To be at the cutting edge, when you know that you are doing something that no one has done before, is exciting and a great privilege.  I feel hugely privileged to have started my life on 405 black and white and now to be working in 3D.”

John Cassy, Director, Sky 3D, added: “Fascinating natural history programming such as this has the ability to bring households and families together in order to truly share the experience.  Add to this the fact that audiences are enjoying the films in stunning 3D and you have even more reason why we continue to grow our pioneering offering for our customers.  We are as proud as Sir David to be able to deliver such advances in this genre of entertainment and look forward to our future with both David and Atlantic Productions.”

The film will be released theatrically in giant screen theatres and cinemas around the world in 2012.

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