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Dino Gangs

Two-Hour Special for Discovery Channel and FremantleMedia Enterprises

Ever since they were discovered, we have thought of tyrannosaurs as the most savage killers ever to walk the Earth. They’re the only group of dinosaurs that everyone knows, and the most famous type, T. rex, is one of the few species familiar in popular culture by its scientific name. But world tyrannosaur expert Dr Phil Currie believes we don’t know these creatures at all. He is convinced they were more intelligent and far more dangerous than anyone could have imagined. And he believes that far from the dull witted, solitary creatures of our imagination, they were far more complex pack animals who lived and hunted in gangs.

To prove his theory, Currie embarks on a quest that takes him to a new find in the dinosaur graveyards of the Gobi Desert, the kingdom of the Komodo dragons, and the wilds of the African Kalahari. Along the way he enlists cutting edge technology to analyse tyrannosaur fossils, discover how they developed, how big their brains were and whether they had the intelligence and the finely tuned senses to hunt in an organised pack.

By studying modern day animals with similarities to tyrannosaurs, Currie reveals some extraordinary insights into a world that vanished 65 million years ago – a world in which Tyrannosaurus was king. At the end of his journey, Currie has the evidence he needs, and what he discovers will change the way we see these perfect killers forever.

Combining stunning CGI with new science, Dino Gangs reveals the truth about an animal that – 12 metres long, 5 metres tall, and weighing in at 6 tons – was as ruthless as a Komodo dragon, as quick as the fastest two legged animal on earth today, and as cunning as the king of the jungle. It turns out that these dinosaurs were far more intelligent than we thought, and roamed in packs.

Dino Gangs is accompanied by a major new book Dino Gangs: Dr Philip J Currie’s New Science of Dinosaurs by best-selling author Josh Young and published by Harper Collins.




'A provocative reworking of the whole T-Rex brand'
New York Daily News


Dino Gangs: Dr Philip J Currie's New Science of Dinosaurs

Dino Gangs: Dr Philip J Currie's New Science of Dinosaurs